How long will it take for my collection to appear online?

Please allow Veterans History Project (VHP) staff 12 to 18 months from the date of receipt to fully incorporate collection materials into the Library of Congress’s permanent collections. After this time, an online service summary record will appear on our website, showing that the collection has been processed and added to our collections.

Each service summary record includes the veteran’s name, military service details, interviewer’s/donor’s name and affiliation and collection information. The service summary record may not include links to collection material such as the interview. Collections that include content viewable online are identified by a VIEW DIGITIZED COLLECTION button. Online display of collections is not exhaustive due to the volume of submissions VHP receives.

While we understand it is more convenient to view the full collection online, all of our collections are available for viewing by appointment in the American Folklife Center's Reading Room, located in the Thomas Jefferson Building of the Library of Congress. With the high volume of collections we hold, and limited resources we have for digitization, we cannot accurately predict when and if collections will be made viewable online.

VHP will send veterans and donors acknowledgement postcards within eight to 10 weeks of receipt. The acknowledgment of receipt verifies that your materials have reached VHP and are being reviewed for acquisition (please see the FAQ: “Is there a deadline for submitting materials?” for additional information).

To inquire about the status of your submission, please search for the veterans name in our online database. If your submission does not appear, you may email or call 888-371-5848.

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Last Updated: Jun 14, 2022
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We cannot provide service records for veterans (contact the National Archives); advice on veteran benefits (contact the Department of Veterans Affairs).

For general information on military history, contact our general reference librarians.

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