How do I safeguard private or classified information?

When you donate a collection, please protect your privacy. DO NOT label DVDs, CDs, tapes, memoirs, photographs or other materials with personal mailing labels, military identification numbers or social security numbers. In addition, private information (e.g., social security numbers, etc.) should be removed from all collection material (e.g., military papers such as the DD-214) prior to submission. Interviewers should not ask for private information from the veteran during the recorded interview, such as their home address, military identification number or social security number. All Veterans History Project (VHP) required forms (e.g., Biographical Data Form, Veteran’s Release Form, etc.) are kept on file and not made available to the public or researchers unless they are in redacted form.

VHP advises all participants to avoid sharing any classified information as a part of your collection materials.

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Last Updated: Jun 14, 2022
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We cannot provide service records for veterans (contact the National Archives); advice on veteran benefits (contact the Department of Veterans Affairs).

For general information on military history, contact our general reference librarians.

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