What comprises a Veterans History Project collection?

The Veterans History Project (VHP) accepts first person narratives in the forms of original unedited audio/video recorded interviews, photographs, letters, diaries, journals and unpublished memoirs that meet minimum requirements and pertain to the service of U.S. military veterans. Materials collected must fall within VHP’s 30-20-10 Rule. Materials that fail to meet at least one of the following minimum requirements will be returned to the contributor.

30-20-10 Rule

  • 30 minutes is the minimum length required for recorded interviews; and/or
  • 20 pages is the minimum number of pages required for original memoirs, diaries or journals; and/or
  • 10 items is the minimum number of original photographs and letters.

Participants only need to meet one of these criteria to begin a collection.

Gold Star Families Participants

For those participating under the Gold Star Families Voices Act (Public Law 114-246), 30 minutes is the minimum length required for recorded interviews, and we strongly encourage donation of letters, original photographs and other two-dimensional materials of the deceased service member.

Please see "How to Participate" for more information.

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Please Note

We cannot provide service records for veterans (contact the National Archives); advice on veteran benefits (contact the Department of Veterans Affairs).

For general information on military history, contact our general reference librarians.

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