Can you recommend resources about coffee in regards to when it came to the US, and how it's changed?

See William H. Ukers' All About Coffee (Tea & Trade Journal Company, 1922). The book includes chapters on "Introduction of Coffee into North America, "history of Coffee in Old New York," and "Coffee Houses of Old Philadelphia." There are also sections on merchandising and the evolution of coffee roasting machinery. It has been digitized and is available on the Internet Archive: . It was also re-issued as a paperback book in 2012.   

For overviews of coffee history in America:

Coffee, in the Oxford Encyclopedia of Food & Drink in America (2nd ed, 2013) includes brief histories of the growing popularity of coffee in the 19th and 20th centuries, early brands and the eventual rise of specialty coffees. There are bibliographies as well. 

Uncommon grounds : the history of coffee and how it transformed our world by Mark Pendergrast.
Rev. ed.  New York : Basic Books, c2010.


"Coffee." Scientific American, 1873. Vol. 28, No. 8 (Feb. 22, 1873), p. 120
Describes coffee consumption in America, types of coffee and its preparation.

"Engineering the Perfect Cup of Coffee: Samuel Prescott and the Sanitary Vision at MIT"
Larry Owens, in Technology and Culture, Vol. 45, No. 4 (Oct., 2004), pp. 795-807
Published by: The Johns Hopkins University Press and the Society for the History of

"Colony in a Cup", by Gregory Dicum
 Gastronomica , Vol. 3, No. 2 (Spring 2003), pp. 71-77                      

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