Where can I find older circuitry for radios and televisions?

For older circuitry we refer to the following items that are in the collections of the Library of Congress:

Rider's Specialized Manuals:


Radcraft (or Gernsback) Publications

Supreme Publications

For most recent as well as for older circuitry of radios and televisions we most often refer to SAMS Photofact. SAMS publishes repair manuals containing printed schematics and technical service data for different models and brand names covering a wide variety of consumer electronic equipment. A bound set of schematics for televisions, computers (computerfacts) and VCRs (VCRfacts) are available in the Library's Technical Reports and Standards Unit. Other titles / editions by Howard W. Sams & Co. can be found in the Library of Congress general collection. Users can find the Sams number by searching the Sams PHOTOFACT® Repair Schematics website by brand names or model numbers to help identify and request schematics held in the Library.

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