How do I find someone's military service record?

Unfortunately, the Library of Congress does not hold military service records. These materials are in the custody of the National Archives -  If you meet NARA’s criteria for being an immediate family member, you can request a soldier’s military service record from the National Archives. If you would like a copy of the form to apply for receiving a service record, you may order a copy from the National Archives’ web site,  Click on “Veterans Service Records.” These forms can be filed electronically as well (eVetRecs); you will see that option on the Archives' web site. You may also contact the National Archives at   and at

Keep in mind that many service records were destroyed in a fire in 1973. Army service records from the nineteen-teens to 1960 suffered 80% loss. Air Force service records from September 1947 through the end of 1963 suffered 75% loss. Check this web site for suggestions on how to proceed if a veteran's records were destroyed

Last Updated: Dec 14, 2023
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