How do I cite an ebook?

Most unfortunately, we have determined that there is no way to identify pages, or any other fixed form of text location, in electronic books and articles (such as a traditional book that contains a page number). Most style manuals suggest methods such as counting paragraphs, identifying e-reader models, etc. It is necessary for the you to make an approximate identifications through any one of these several processes developed by those responsible for maintaining the major academic style standards. Once you make the identification in an electronic source through one of these methods, it will still be necessary for the reader of your document who wishes to confirm the citation, to go through a comparably lengthy process in order to find the passage cited. In short, you will want to continue to create your citations by using printed books and articles when possible. 

You should also refer to the appropriate style manual for the formatting style you are using for more information. 

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Last Updated: Sep 27, 2023
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