What does "not available at the Library" mean?

Why is the material not available?

Some records in the Library of Congress Online Catalog , available at catalog.loc.gov have a status indicating that the item is "not available at the Library." This usually means:

  • the item has been cataloged prior to publication, and the item has not yet been published
  • the Library has not yet received the item
  • the item is currently in process

In addition, some items that are held by the Library may not be requested online for a variety of reasons. The item may be assigned to a reading room reference collection, it may be in use by another researcher, or access to the item may be restricted.

If you have a question about the status of a particular item that has been marked as "not available" in the Library's online catalog,  we encourage you to Ask a Librarian for additional information. Please include the item's author/creator, title and/or LCCN (Library of Congress catalog number) or other identifying information from the online catalog record in your inquiry.


Last Updated: Jul 01, 2020
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