Is it possible to sign up to use the Library of Congress online?

Can I register for a Reader Identification Card for the Library from home?

To do research at the Library of Congress in a designated research area, one must have a Reader Identification Card. Currently, it is only possible to register for this card in person.  However, it is possible to pre-register online and then complete the process in person.

In addition to gaining access to the Library's research areas, a Reader Identification Card also allows access to the many subscription databases available at the Library, but only if you are onsite. This is also true of any other copyrighted or license-restricted resources.

The Library's freely-available digital collections and online catalog are available to all users via the Library of Congress website.

For more information about what may or may not be available on the Library's website, see: How does the Library decide to make collections material available online?

Any researcher, registered or not, can use this service to submit an inquiry to a Library of Congress subject specialist. We are happy to provide research assistance—there is no registration requirement for our help!

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Last Updated: Jun 02, 2020
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