I registered my book (song, poem, art, etc.) with the Library of Congress. Why can't I find information about it on your website?

Records for works submitted for copyright registration since 1978 can be found in the Copyright Office database of registrations at https://cocatalog.loc.gov.  Works registered prior to 1978 are listed in the card catalog in the Copyright Office, and in the published Catalog of Copyright Entries at other major libraries. The Copyright Office has digitized the 661 volumes of the catalog, and these are now available at https://archive.org/details/copyrightrecords/ External. A test version of the Copyright Office Virtual Card Catalog can be found at https://www.copyright.gov/vcc/

If a work that has been registered and deposited with the Copyright Office is acquired by the Library of Congress for its research collection, a catalog record will be created for it that will be accessible from the Library's online catalog https://catalog.loc.gov. If a deposited work is not acquired for the Library's research collection, a record will not be created for the Library's online catalog, but the registration record will still be accessible from the Copyright Office catalogs.

The Library selects published works for its permanent collections based on the research needs of Congress, the nation's scholars, and the nation's libraries. For further information about the Library's collection development policies, see: Collections Policy Statements and Overviews https://www.loc.gov/acq/devpol/.

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