How can I do research in the European Reading Room?

What materials are available in the reading room? How do I request materials for research?

You may request ALL materials from the Library's general collections from the European Reading Room, except for certain materials that are restricted to their own specialized reading rooms (Rare Book, Prints and Photographs, Music, etc.).

Because there is not room for all of the "ready reference" materials in the Reading Room itself, part of the reference collection is housed in an adjacent stack area, Deck 13. Please ask the reference librarian at the desk to show you where it is.

Reference Collections Available in Other Reading Rooms

  • For materials related to Spain or Portugal, visit the Hispanic Reading Room.
  • For materials related to Turkey, visit the African and Middle Eastern Reading Room.
  • For materials related to the United Kingdom or Ireland, visit the Main Reading Room.
  • For reference materials on the former Soviet republics of Central Asia or the Caucasus, based on language, the materials are divided between the European Reading Room and the African and Middle Eastern Reading Room. Consult the reference librarian to determine the location of the item(s) for which you are looking.
  •  For reference materials on European law or legal matters, visit the Law Library Reading Room.

Last Updated: Jun 17, 2020
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